Florida Outhouses: An Ode to the Shack in the Back

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The advent of indoor plumbing spelled the end of outhouses in Florida, and through the decades these unique structures have become more and more rare. Now grandparents have to explain to their puzzled grandchildren how the odd-shaped outbuildings with the crescent moon carved in the door used to stand in backyards across the country. Featuring a collection of photographs that highlight outhouses across the state of Florida, this book preserves the memory of these disappearing structures. Also included are the amusing answers to common outhouse questions, including *Why were crescent moons carved into outhouse doors? *What determined the size and shape of an outhouse? *Should outhouse doors open inward or outward? *What was used in outhouses in the years before toilet paper? Part photographic journey, part trivia, this delightful look at Florida's outhouses will make readers truly privy to a beloved structure that's quickly vanishing from the landscape.
ISBN: 9781596292833
Format: Paperback
Publisher: The History Press
State: Florida
Images: 54
Pages: 96
Dimensions: 4.875 (w) x 6.625 (h)
Kevin McCarthy has been a professor of English and Florida studies at the University of Florida, a Peace Corps Volunteer in Turkey, a Fulbright Scholar in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia and a student of Arabic in Cario, Egypt. He has published 24 books on a variety of subjects from baseball, lighthouses, shipwrecks, Native Americans and other aspects of Florida history.
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