Abandoned Eastern Ohio

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Eastern Ohio is a region founded by industrialization that, at its height, would grow to be one of the most important parts of the country. This region would become the manufacturing focal point during both World Wars. Factories throughout Eastern Ohio produced many of the armament components needed to fight these wars. With the approach of the 1980s, the need for manufacturing in the United States dwindled, and the region’s population began to decline rapidly. As factories closed and people left, hospitals, hotels, schools and stadiums were all left abandoned. Over time, the area has stabilized, but is far from its former glory. Buildings where presidents once walked and industrial titans reigned now lay abandoned. In Abandoned Eastern Ohio, photographer John Ponchak gives the reader an in-depth view of each building’s past and present in an effort to not only preserve, but to share what once was.
ISBN: 9781634991476
Format: Paperback
Publisher: America Through Time
State: Ohio
Images: 137
Pages: 96
Dimensions: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)
JOHN PONCHAK grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, son to a local entrepreneur. He started exploring abandoned buildings in 2011 and started to photograph them in 2012. As a self-taught photographer, John has worked tirelessly documenting the many abandoned buildings in the area surrounding his hometown. Since 2011, John has captured over 160 buildings in seven states. The primary reason for John’s work is to help preserve historical locations and to tell their stories through pictures. He feels each place has its own unique history and deserves to be heard. John’s other hobbies include kayaking and backpacking. John currently lives in South Carolina.
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