Abandoned San Francisco Bay Area

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The San Francisco Bay Area is a beautiful region of California with diverse scenery, population, and history. Over the years, many businesses and institutions have come and gone. Sometimes these fallen enterprises leave behind an empty husk of their former selves. Lurking inside these abandonments, the Bay Area is home to another kind of under-appreciated beauty: urban decay. In 2013, the authors explored a couple abandoned places on a whim: a wastewater treatment plant and a ghost town. Experiencing the beauty of decay, they became hooked and spent the next several years seeking out every forgotten structure. Over the course of their adventures, thousands of photos were collected in an attempt to capture the spirit of places people no longer dare visit. Along the way, the history, local legends, and hearsay about the derelict buildings were accumulated. Within this book, authors Matt and Greg have curated a selection of the most interesting urban decay to share with you. Enjoy a private tour of the Bay Area’s most beautiful abandonments on offer. Learn the history and enjoy photos of the parts often unseen.
ISBN: 9781634991575
Format: Paperback
Publisher: America Through Time
State: California
Series: America Through Time
Images: 184
Pages: 96
Dimensions: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)
GREG MILLER and MATT HENRY, long-time friends, grew up in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. Greg had been a casual fan of the local graffiti scene for a long time. He works as a software engineer/3D modeler. Visit gmiller.net for more of his random projects. Having a smartphone camera in his pocket at all times, Matt developed an interest in photography. This led him to seek exciting places to shoot for Instagram, under the name @BayAreaWanderer.
More About This Book