Abandoned Ruins of Eastern Pennsylvania: Remnants Lost in Time

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Scattered throughout Eastern Pennsylvania are remnants of history being reclaimed by nature. Join author and photographer Kathleen Butler on a journey to discover the little-known history of ruins deep in the woods of Pennsylvania that can only be reached by foot. Venture along and unearth remnants of the coal mining industry, mills, railroads, and more. Explore the history that is not taught in schools. Those who only live a few miles from these ruins do not know of their existence, let alone their past. Some are from industries that fell hard when the market was no longer in their favor. They ultimately abandoned their businesses or moved elsewhere. Others tried to establish themselves only to find that the area was not suitable, thus leaving their failed community behind. Soon, these abandoned ruins will disappear into the forests of Pennsylvania forever.
ISBN: 9781634992404
Format: Paperback
Publisher: America Through Time
State: Pennsylvania
Series: America Through Time
Images: 164
Pages: 96
Dimensions: 9.25 (w) x 6.5 (h)
KATHLEEN BUTLER grew up in New Jersey and currently lives in Pennsylvania. She enjoyed wandering the woods of New Jersey as a teenager, always in awe of the beauty of nature. When she met her soon-to-be husband in the late 90s, they often took strolls through parks. One summer, they were strolling through the woods of a Pennsylvania park and they stumbled across two large foundations that nature had started to reclaim. Baffled that they were not demolished, Kathleen became intrigued by the history of these ruins. Since then, she has had a passion for finding more ruins in forests and learning their history. She has several published articles on websites and has her own website, ExploringNJandPA.com. Her photos are used in a few tourist publications, including Visit Pennsylvania.
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