Spencer Through Time
By the mid-nineteenth century, Spencer was beginning its 100-year progression in the wire and shoe business. The railroad arrived in 1879, opening new markets. Trolleys arrived in 1891 to aid workers' transportation needs. These improvements in transportation helped to fuel the expansion of both industries, which were so significant in the town's history. Population growth followed this expansion of jobs, rising from 2,777 in 1860 to 7,627 in 1900. Dairy farms were prevalent during this time, but the mid-twentieth century brought the demise of many farms. The school system had expanded greatly with many multi-room brick schools being built before the close of the nineteenth century. Today, the population is approximately 12,000. The shoe and wire industries have long disappeared, and Flexcon Company stands as the town's largest employer. As of this writing, Main Street is undergoing a major modernization, which will hopefully spur even more renovation for a town rich in history and ready for renewal.
America Through Time
: 9781635000641
: America Through Time
: 03/05/2018
: Massachusetts
: America Through Time
: 184 Color
: 96
: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)
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About the author
Frank Morrill, a retired history teacher, is an active member of the local historical community and has published several books. Hannah Morrill is a 9th grade student with an interest in history. She enjoys singing, reading, and piano playing. This is the third collaboration for the two authors, with the first two being Worcester Through Time, published in 2013, and Charlton Through Time, published in 2014.
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