Local History Books on Alaska
Local History Books on Alaska
Alaska was first discovered when Danish explorer Vitus Bering first caught sight of
it in 1741. A little over a century later – in 1867 – this breathtaking location officially became the property of the United States of America, and an official state in its own right in 1959. 

Even so, it’s important to remember that general looks at American history only tell you part of
Alaska’s fascinating story. Local interest and regional history books can introduce you to
a side of Alaska you might not have yet discovered.

An Unforgettable Look at Alaska

Whether you’ve called Alaska home your entire life or simply want to know more about what
makes America’s 49 th state unique, regional history literature can tell you so much about what you want to
know. Get to know the people, events, industries, and landmarks that have made Alaska
everything that it is.

Feed your passion for American rail history with an intimate look at Alaska’s historic Tanana
Valley Railroad. Explore Alaska’s unique climate and related challenges with volumes that
explore these topics in detail. Take a virtual journey to the Yukon to experience the famous
Yukon Quest sled dog race. Explore the origins of iconic cities like Juneau, Cordova, or
Wrangell. Learn all about the history of beer and brewing in Alaska.

Arcadia Publishing: Armchair Travel to Alaska Done Right

Arcadia Publishing is more than just the nation’s largest publisher of quality local interest
literature. It’s also an excellent resource to learn about
Alaska's history. Devour fascinating volumes packed with personal stories and firsthand looks at historic
events. Marvel at gorgeous collections of photography that capture Alaska at its majestic best.
Get to know your own Alaska hometown in detail, or indulge in a little armchair travel
to one of America’s most beautiful states. It’s all possible with Arcadia in your corner!
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