Local History Books on Arkansas
Local History Books on Arkansas

If you’re a fan of Arkansas, then you probably don’t need to be told that the mockingbird is its official state bird or that the apple blossom has been the official state flower since 1901. You might even know that Arkansas contains more than 9700 miles of rivers and streams, as well as over 600,000 acres of lakes.

However, the best information about Arkansas doesn’t consist of the facts, figures, and generalized history you’ll find in the average high school history textbook. If you’re truly serious about exploring Arkansas history, you need the right regional interest books in your corner.

Explore The Nuances of Arkansas History

Dedicated regional history and local interest books are designed to shine intimate, uniquely detailed spotlights on Arkansas history from a variety of angles. It won’t be long before you know every bit as much (if not more) than an Arkansas native.

Discover the rich backstories of iconic Arkansas towns like Bentonville, Jonesboro, and Fayetteville. Explore the details of early education in the Arkansas Delta, the origins of the Great Passion Play, and even the unique role baseball played in Hot Springs. It’s all just waiting to be discovered through stunning firsthand accounts, beautiful imagery, and one-of-a-kind narratives.

Explore Arcadia Publishing’s Expansive Catalog

If you’re in search of the best, most compelling local interest writing on the state of Arkansas, then look no further than Arcadia Publishing’s comprehensive catalog. Immerse yourself in little-known tales and engaging historic photos of your beloved Arkansas hometown. Explore your favorite topics and pastimes as they relate to Arkansas history.

Reintroduce yourself to information you already know, or uncover entirely new topics of interest and learn something new. Whatever your pleasure, history’s waiting at Arcadia Publishing.

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