Local History Books on Arizona
Local History Books on Arizona

Desert life at its very best and most beautiful comes to life in Arizona, America’s 48th state. That’s because it is the only state where all four of North America’s deserts can be found: the Great Basin, Mojave, Chihuahuan, and the Sonoran deserts. In fact, some of the nation’s most majestic vistas and landmarks, including the world famous Grand Canyon National Park, can be found here. Arizona is also home to a variety of unique flora and fauna unequaled by few other regions in the U.S, due to its diversity of altitudes and climate.

Though history reveres it for its former mining glory, Arizona is currently the largest American copper producer. However, more general history books will only reveal so much about this truly incredible state. Let the right local interest books introduce you to Arizona on a truly intimate level.

Get Reacquainted with Arizona

Whether you’re a lifelong Arizona resident, a frequent visitor, or just a history buff that yearns to know more about this former booming mining location or perhaps its part in the Wild West, local interest literature can fill in the blanks.

Explore the origin stories behind some of Arizona’s many cities and towns, including Tombstone, Phoenix, Douglas, and Scottsdale. Learn all there is to know about some of the stunning landmarks that set Arizona apart – landmarks like red rocks of Sedona, the Grand Canyon, or the Four Corners. View gorgeous collections of postcards and vintage imagery, marvel at fascinating first-hand accounts, and learn numerous little-known facts that will only make you cherish Arizona more.

Arcadia Publishing: Your Source for Quality Regional Literature

Arcadia Publishing is one of the nation’s largest, most respected publishers of high-quality local interest literature. Its catalog boasts thousands of narratives on a variety of different subjects and locations, including but certainly not limited to Arizona.

Get to know your favorite (or new) Arizona destinations in rich, stunning detail through incredible historic images and stories. Discover the state as it appears in the eyes of notable locals throughout history. You’re in for a unique look at Arizona that you won’t experience anywhere else – guaranteed.

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