Local History Books on California
Local History Books on California

Confronted with a snap decision to select one of the most iconic U.S. states, many might instantly picture California, and it’s not hard to see why. California is home to a wide variety of lovely terrains – everything from majestic white-capped mountains, to regal deserts, to sparkling sun-soaked beaches. It’s also home to such historic locations as Hollywood, San Francisco, and Monterey. It’s borne witness to historic events like the Gold Rush, as well.

However, general history books will only tell you so much about the history of the Golden State. Look to the right regional history books to fill you in on lesser-known historic details, figures, and photographs.

Fully Explore California’s Rich History

Whether you’re a sun-worshipping California native looking to learn more about your home state or simply a history lover looking to expand on your existing knowledge, local interest literature has the answers you’re looking for.

Explore the fascinating history of the California Highway Patrol for an essential look at a piece of law enforcement history in America. Discover the cultural influences of the many immigrants that have called California home over the years, including Japanese-Americans and Mexican-Americans. Stroll through Steinbeck Country, discover the history of Napa’s wine culture, or marvel at stunning images of California’s iconic Pacific Coast Highway. Whatever you decide, it will be a look at California you won’t soon forget.

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