Local History Books on Connecticut
Local History Books on Connecticut

Though Connecticut ranks 48th of the 50 states in terms of total area, it is among the most densely populated. It was one of the original 13 U.S. states, and is one of the six states in the area commonly referred to as New England. A highly industrial and service-oriented state, the Constitution State also boasts one of the highest personal incomes per capita in the country.

Connecticut residents cling tight to their historic roots, in the form of preserving colonial homes, championing an extensive seafaring history, and of course, the Connecticut-style lobster roll.

While Connecticut has so much to offer from a historical perspective, it’s important to realize that getting to know the heart and soul of the state and its culture is about more than just facts and figures. Let the right collection of local interest and history books paint a more complete picture.

Explore the Best of Connecticut Local History and Culture

Connecticut history may start with general information about settlers, religious freedom, and the early days of America’s founding, but a closer look at local interest history continues the story with intimate looks at various towns, cities, and neighborhoods from all over the state.

Explore the important role hockey plays in the history of New Haven, one of Connecticut’s most important cities. Armchair-travel to various Connecticut towns and discover the details of their origins – places like Greenwich, Norwich, New Hartford, and Milford. Discover Connecticut’s amazing connection to American rail history with dedicated volumes on the state’s many trolley systems. Transport yourself to the wonder and glory of the Gilded Age of Stamford’s coast. Find inspiration in any number of our Connecticut history books!

Fully Explore the Constitution State with Arcadia

Arcadia Publishing is home to the country’s largest, most expansive local interest book catalog. That said, it’s the place to go for uniquely engaging volumes on Connecticut local history. Each volume is written, curated, and researched by a local historian passionate about preserving local history. This ensures an approach to the material that is not only informative, but personal, heartfelt, and fascinating as well.

Delight in eclectic collections of personal stories and press pieces that offer one-of-a-kind takes on world events. Explore rare vintage photographs that take you right back in time. It’s all possible when you trust Arcadia Publishing with your local interest education!

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