Local History Books on Iowa
Local History Books on Iowa

Iowa, also known as the Hawkeye State, is the birthplace of the likes of Herbert Hoover, Glenn Miller, and John Wayne. It’s home to Iowa State University, the oldest land grant college in the United States. Iowa is the land of Madison County and its famous bridges, multiple glacier-made lakes, and the largest Amish community west of the Mississippi.

However, there’s a lot more to the history of Iowa than facts, figures, and generalized accounts. The right regional history books on Iowa, its culture, and its people can relate so much more history, and on a personal level.

Discover a New Layer to the Iowa You Know

Whether you’re a native Iowan interested in learning more about your homestate or simply someone looking to explore American history from a new perspective, regional Iowa history books have a lot to offer you.

Explore Iowa’s beautiful historic Highway 20 via a collection of timeless vintage postcards. Discover the state’s connection to the 19th century railroad industry by reading up on the Sioux City railroads. Learn the backstories behind establishments like Anamosa Penitentiary or the Fort Dodge military outpost. Get to know the ins and outs of the pearl button industry of historic Muscatine.

Arcadia Publishing: History Made Personal

Arcadia Publishing is one of North America’s largest, most respected publishers of regional history and local interest literature. It’s not hard to see why, either. Each highly readable volume is penned by a local historian and packed with unique viewpoints, personal accounts, and timeless photography you won’t find anywhere else.

Learn more about your home state or hometown from a totally new perspective. Discover heroes to admire and new topics of interest to get excited about. Let Arcadia Publishing’s pictorial histories get you started.

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