Local History Books on Idaho
Local History Books on Idaho

If you’re from Idaho, then it’s safe to assume you know a thing or two about the Gem State. You’re probably aware that it’s home to the satellite campus of Utah’s Brigham Young University, or that Blackfoot is the official home of the Eastern Idaho State Fair. You might know that Idaho’s Sun Valley is considered to be America’s very first destination ski resort. You most certainly know that Hells Canyon is the deepest gorge in the country.

However, you can’t really say you know all-things Idaho until you’ve thoroughly explored its regional history through reading. Let the right local interest books introduce you to an entirely new side of your favorite state!

Experience Idaho History on a Deeper Level

There’s only so much you’ll be able to learn about Idaho’s rich backstory from your average book or class on general history. Regional history books help you fill in the blanks as far as what it really meant to be an Idahoan throughout every era of American history.

Discover some of Idaho’s most delightful forgotten legends with a volume on the state’s forgotten tales and lore. Read fascinating personal accounts of what it was like to experience and ultimately survive the Teton Dam Disaster. Take a peek into a slice of Idaho’s military history by reading up on the Mountain Home Air Force Base. Explore the fascinating backstory of the Old Idaho Penitentiary.

Reintroduce Yourself to Your Favorite Locations with Arcadia

Arcadia Publishing isn’t just home to the most comprehensive library of local interest books in all of North America. It’s famous for producing volumes that bring the very best of local history to stunning life via expert-penned narratives, personal accounts, vintage news stories, and detailed research.

Get to know your own home state or town on an intimate new level. Explore your favorite interests as they relate to various communities, neighborhoods, and populations across America.

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