Local History Books on Indiana
Local History Books on Indiana

Hoosiers are overwhelmingly proud of their home state, and with good reason. The world famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway was the site of the first long-distance auto race in America way back in 1911. Indiana was home to the creator of the first Raggedy Ann doll, and the place where the first professional baseball game was played. Indiana is the Covered Bridge Capital of the World, as well.

However, it’s important to realize that there’s a lot more to Indiana than what you’ll find in general history books and trivia books. Regional history literature can fill you in on everything you’ve been missing.

Get to Know the Hoosier State Better

When you start researching a given place or concept through local interest literature, you begin to experience history through the eyes of the locals. This really affords you the opportunity to engage and understand a town or city’s distinct history on a more personal level.

Trace the origins and development of numerous Indiana cities and towns, including but not limited to New Haven, Columbus, Crawfordsville, and Fort Wayne. Learn all about the conception and construction of the Dixie Highway. Explore Indiana’s place in aviation history with a volume on Baer Field. Even uncover a darker, seedier side of Indiana’s cultural history with books on criminal history, jazz age murders, and more.

Discover the Intricacies of History with Arcadia Publishing

Arcadia Publishing boasts one of North America’s largest and best-known collections of regional history books. Each volume is researched and written by a local historian passionate about the topic. The result is a library filled with timeless, informative, and personal looks at numerous American communities, populations, and events.

Learn all there is to know about your own Indiana hometown or learn about a new place. Research the legends, lore, and local heroes attached to your favorite vacation spot. Discover how your favorite interest is approached in cities and towns across America.

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