Local History Books on Kentucky
Local History Books on Kentucky

Kentucky is a state that’s famous for a lot of things. To begin with, it’s home to some of the best bourbon, fried chicken, and bluegrass anywhere in America. The country’s very first cheeseburger was sold in 1934, and the creation of the popular song, “Happy Birthday to You”, was penned by two Kentucky sisters in 1893. Kentucky exports its share of successful politicians, as well. More than 100 native Kentuckians have been elected governors of other states.

Even so, there’s only so much you can learn about Kentucky from your average trivia night or history class. Regional interest literature can help you understand and appreciate the state from an entirely different perspective.

Exploring the Legacy of the Bluegrass State

History is about a lot more than names, dates, and wars. It’s also about the people, communities, and towns that have helped make it great over the years. Local interest books can introduce you so many other aspects of history.

Explore the history of Kentucky’s beautiful covered bridges through vintage photography and personal firsthand accounts. Discover the origins of Kentucky’s strong connection to horse breeding and horse racing. Trace the evolution of Kentucky’s bourbon trail.

Arcadia Publishing: Connecting You with Real History

Arcadia Publishing’s comprehensive catalog of local interest literature is one of the largest in all of North America. That said, it’s a great tool to introduce yourself to a more intimate, detailed, personal side of Kentucky history.

Learn about the origins of your hometown or your favorite vacation destination. Get to know local heroes who were instrumental in the development of their communities. Discover entirely new topics to love and explore.

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