Local History Books on Louisiana
Local History Books on Louisiana

For many people, the mere mention of Louisiana is enough to conjure up mental images of Mardi Gras, mossy bayous, and big steaming bowls of Cajun gumbo. However, Louisiana is also the home of the tallest capitol building in the United States, as well as the only state that has parishes instead of counties. It’s also the only state with a state law that references the Napoleonic Code.

Even so, you’ve only scratched the surface of Louisiana’s rich history if you’ve limited yourself to what more generalized history books have to say. Regional history and local interest books can help you discover the true spirit, origins, and evolution of all that makes the Pelican State great.

Rediscovering the Story of Louisiana

Reading local interest literature on Louisiana history provides unique insight into the minds and culture of the locals. Learn fascinating details about people, events, communities, and concepts that you might otherwise not discover.

Read about the hundreds of ghosts and hauntings Louisiana is famous for with dedicated volumes on haunted Lafayette, New Orleans, and more. Explore New Orleans’s connection to television with a collection of vintage photographs and personal accounts. Discover what life was like for the African-Americans of Louisiana throughout every age of American history.

Arcadia Publishing: Get Up Close and Personal with History

Arcadia Publishing is home to one of America’s largest, most ambitious collections of regional history books. That said, it’s arguably the place to go for all things Louisiana.

Discover the origins of your hometown or explore the evolution of your favorite pastimes. Marvel at unique firsthand accounts, historic photography, and little-known local heroes. At Arcadia Publishing, an intimate new level of knowledge of American history is just a few good reads away! Get started today.

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