Local History Books on Maryland
Local History Books on Maryland

As the seventh state to enter the union in 1788, it goes without saying that Maryland has seen its share of historic events take place. For instance, the formal organization of the Methodist Church of America in 1784 occurred here, as well as the founding of the United States Naval Academy in 1845. It’s home to architectural masterpieces like the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and was even the birthplace of greats like Babe Ruth.

However, it’s important to understand that generalized American history or trivia books will only reveal a fraction of Maryland’s compelling history. Regional history and local interest literature can introduce you to the rest.

Acquaint Yourself with the Old Line State in a New Way

Regional history literature can be truly addictive once you discover just how much it can teach you about the places, communities, and topics you love. It’s most certainly an opportunity to discover a side of Maryland you may not have previously known.

Explore the history of Maryland’s iconic lighthouses with a dedicated volume filled with photos and firsthand accounts. Discover Maryland’s connection to aviation with closer looks at the first balloon ascent, the first aircraft carrier, and more. Take a look back at some of Maryland’s beautiful historic movie theaters. Learn the details of Maryland’s long fishing history.

Arcadia History: Getting You Reacquainted with History

Arcadia Publishing’s collection of regional interest books is not only one of the largest in the country, but one of the most comprehensive as well. That being said, it’s the perfect place to start your in-depth study of local Maryland history.

Trace the origins and evolution of your own hometown or favorite vacation destination. Explore national parks, major state industries, iconic neighborhoods, and more. Explore the possibilities today!

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