Local History Books on Minnesota
Local History Books on Minnesota

Like each of the states in the U.S., Minnesota has its own claims to fame and unique place in American history. For instance, the very first set of practical water skis were invented there in 1922. Over the years, it’s been the birthplace of the Tonka truck, Spam, Scotch tape, Wheaties, Green Giant vegetables, and the very first canned ham. Airlines based in Minnesota’s iconic Twin Cities were the first to nix smoking on international flights, as well.

However, there’s only so much you’re going to find out about Minnesota in history class or from your favorite trivia book. When it comes to truly getting to know the North Star State, you can’t beat regional interest literature.

Get to Know Minnesota Like a Local

No one knows local history quite like the locals themselves. That’s exactly why regional history books penned by local historians on various aspects of Minnesota culture are the best way to get to know the 32nd state better.

Explore the history of Lake Minnetonka as not only a sacred place to native people, but one of the state’s most beautiful destinations in general. Learn how a multitude of Minnesota communities, towns, and counties got their start, including but not limited to Rochester, St. Cloud, and Shoreview. Discover the fascinating architecture of Minneapolis’s many parks, bridges, playfields, buildings, and more.

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