Local History Books on Missouri
Local History Books on Missouri

If you’re a born and bred native of the Show Me State, then you don’t need to be told why Missouri is great. You probably already know it’s where iced tea was invented, at the St. Louis World’s Fair of 1904. You might even be aware that the state animal is the mule, the state bird is the bluebird, and the state insect is the honeybee. Even non-Missouri natives know the 24th state was the birthplace of Harry S. Truman, as well as home to Anheuser-Busch, the largest beer producing plant in the country!

However, there’s a lot more to Missouri than the things you might learn on trivia night or even in your average American history class. To really get to know the state and everything that makes it great, you’ll need to start exploring local interest literature.

Learn Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Missouri

Regional history books are the best way to learn the things you really want to know about your favorite locations. Discover the lives of fascinating local heroes, relive iconic events from a local’s point of view, and much more.

Uncover the origin stories of iconic Missouri towns and cities like Brentwood, Warrensburg, and St. Louis. Treat your inner wine lover to an entertaining look at Missouri’s historic wine country. Find out why St. Louis was once considered the go-to place for balloonists, airship pilots, and more. Learn about the historic St. Louis World’s Fair.

Discover Another Side of History with Arcadia

Arcadia Publishing is home to one of North America’s largest collections of regional interest books. That said, it’s the place to go for personal, intimate, and compelling volumes on Missouri history and culture.

Get to know your own hometown on a detailed level. Follow the lives of your favorite local heroes and explore your favorite pastimes in depth. Discover new topics of interest to love!

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