Local History Books on Mississippi
Local History Books on Mississippi
Mississippi’s history as a member of the union began in 1817. It was the first state to have a female rural mail carrier, and is the home of the world’s largest cactus plantation and the world’s largest cottonwood tree plantation. The very first nuclear submarine the American South ever produced was also made in Mississippi. Mississippi boasts the largest Bible-binding plant in the entire nation, as well.

However, there’s a lot more to the story of Mississippi than what history and trivia books will reveal. Let regional history and local interest books penned by dedicated local historians teach you the rest!

Exploring What Makes the Magnolia State Great

Whether you’re a born and bred Mississippi native or simply someone who would love to know more about this beautiful state, regional history books can deliver  much of the intimate knowledge you’re seeking.
Explore beautiful vintage images that perfectly capture the famous Victorian children of Natchez. Learn about the state’s moonshine culture, including the go-to methods of notorious bootleggers throughout history. Get to know the African-American population of historic Jackson, and explore the fascinating backstory of Ole Miss University. Learn the origins of multiple Mississippi counties and towns, including Biloxi, Greenwood, Amory, and many more.

Discover a Wealth of Knowledge with Arcadia

Arcadia Publishing’s vast catalog of local interest and regional history books is full of rich personal stories and vintage photographs. It’s an excellent source of information on Mississippi’s varied history.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about your hometown, favorite landmarks, or alma mater. Discover the lives of local heroes to admire. Explore how your favorite Mississippi pastimes, industries, and professions got their start. It’s all right here just waiting to be discovered at Arcadia Publishing!
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