Local History Books on New Brunswick
Local History Books on New Brunswick

When it comes to North American locations that will truly blow you away with their stunning natural beauty, you really can’t beat New Brunswick. It’s a fantastic place to live or visit, especially if you’re interested in locations with their own unique heartbeat as well.

Among other things, New Brunswick is the biggest of Canada’s three maritime provinces. It’s also the only province that is constitutionally bilingual, the largest exporter of peat in the entire world, and home to countless natural wonders (like the Grand Falls Gorge, to name just one).

However, there’s more to New Brunswick than facts and figures. Regional interest literature on this incredible location can introduce you to the culture and history of New Brunswick on an entirely new level.

Explore Beautiful New Brunswick in Rich Detail

Whether you’re a New Brunswick native looking to get to know your home province better or simply someone with a thirst for history and knowledge, local interest literature can help.

Get a feel for what it would have been like to live in Saint John in the early 20th century via a collection of stunning vintage postcards. Learn the origin stories behind famous New Brunswick locations like Lancaster, Campobello Island, or Saint John Harbor. Discover little-known details about your favorite spots, local heroes, regional legends, and more.

Arcadia Knows Regional History

Arcadia Publishing is home to thousands of top-notch local interest books on various topics and locations, up to and including New Brunswick. In fact, it’s one of the largest publishers of such literature in all of North America.

Get to know your hometown or favorite vacation destinations in stunning detail. Dig deeper into topics of interest by exploring how they’re approached in other towns, cities, or communities. It’s North American history on a level you won’t experience any other way.

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