Local History Books on North Carolina
Local History Books on North Carolina

If you’re from North Carolina, then you naturally don’t need to be told what makes it stand out from the rest of the fifty states. You might be aware that it’s home to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, the oldest state university in all of America. You’re most certainly familiar with the stunningly beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks. You probably also know the first English colony was established there.

However, it’s important to realize that history classes, standard history books, and trivia collections barely scratch the surface when it comes to North Carolina history. Let local interest books written by passionate historians fill in the blanks.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About North Carolina

Once you discover the bounty of knowledge offered by the right regional history collections, you’re well on your way to truly knowing the Tar Heel State.

Explore the fascinating backstory of historic locations like Charlotte, Cape Fear, and Jordan Lake. Discover unique histories dedicated to the heritage of North Carolina’s African-American population. Get to know the legendary locals of Wake Forest, learn all about North Carolina’s most famous ski resorts, and take a look behind the scenes of Black Mountain College. Dig deeper into the role North Carolina played in the Civil War.

Arcadia Wrote the Book on Regional History

When you make the decision to trust Arcadia Publishing with your ongoing education in American history, you’re gaining access to one of the largest, most ambitious collections of regional interest literature in the country. Explore hundreds of cities, towns, locations, landmarks, and more in staggering detail.

Learn more about your own hometown and favorite vacation destinations. Discover new local heroes and communities to love. Find and explore the answers to questions about life in North Carolina or any other state!

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