Local History Books on North Dakota
Local History Books on North Dakota

If you’re from North Dakota or are otherwise familiar with it, it only stands to reason that it’s more than just the Peace Garden State to you. You may also know it as the place where milk is the official state beverage, as well as the nation’s sole synthetic natural gas producer. It’s the home of Rugby: the geographical center of North America. It grows more sunflowers than any other state, as well.

However, even the most dedicated North Dakota enthusiasts can’t say they truly know the 39th state if they haven’t been reading regional history books on the topic. After all, generalized American history books can only tell you so much!

Get to Know the Real North Dakota

Once you start reading local interest and regional history books, you begin to realize just how much is left to learn about North Dakota’s history and culture.

Discover the origins of famous (and lesser-known) North Dakota locations like Bismarck, Fargo, and Moorhead, to name just a few. Explore the pioneer days from another angle, with fascinating accounts from the pioneer women of North Dakota. Take an educational peek back in time with multiple collections of vintage postcards that capture the essence of life in North Dakota through the ages.

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