Local History Books on Nebraska
Local History Books on Nebraska

If you live in Nebraska or have spent much time there over the course of your lifetime, then you probably already know a thing or two about the Cornhusker State. For instance, you might know that the state insect is the honeybee or that the state motto is “equality before the law.” You might even know that Nebraska was the birthplace of the famous Reuben sandwich or that it’s the only state in the union with a one-house legislature.

However, Nebraska is about more than facts, figures, and firsts. It also maintains a unique history, culture, and vibe all its own. The right regional history and local interest books can help you learn more.

Get to Know Nebraska Better

Whether you’re a born and bred Nebraska native looking to learn more about your home state or simply someone that absolutely loves exploring favorite topics from new angles, local interest literature has something to offer you.

Explore the fascinating backstories of how iconic Nebraskan towns and cities came to be, including but not limited to Hastings, Lincoln, and Omaha. Take an intimate look at the world-famous Nebraska State Fair through beautiful collections of vintage postcards. Enjoy an inside look at some of the state’s most famous courthouses, colleges, industries, and more.

Expand Your Knowledge of History with Arcadia

Arcadia Publishing is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of regional interest books in all of North America. Each dedicated volume is penned by a local historian and shines a spotlight on a different section of local history, including multiple topics connected to Nebraska.

Get to know your own hometown on an intimate new level. Gain in-depth knowledge about your favorite topics as they relate to hundreds of different U.S. towns, cities, and counties. With Arcadia in your corner, there are no limits to what you can learn and explore.

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