Local History Books on New Hampshire
Local History Books on New Hampshire

As one of the thirteen original American colonies, it only makes sense that New Hampshire has many stories to tell. In fact, it was the first colony to declare its freedom from England – a full half a year before the Declaration of Independence was even signed. New Hampshire was home to the first planting of potatoes in the United States, the first free public library, and the adoption of the first legal lottery, as well.

However, the Granite State is more than just the site of numerous firsts. It’s also a location with a rich culture that exceeds what you’ll learn about in standard history books. Regional interest literature can help show you what you’ve been missing.

Exploring the Best of New Hampshire History

Whether you’re a New Hampshire native hungry to learn more about America’s 9th state or simply an American history buff looking for more fascinating stories to devour, local interest history is just the ticket.

Get to know the origin stories of numerous New Hampshire towns, including but not limited to Raymond, Portsmouth, and Newbury. Read all about local state legends, including little-known stories and myths. Explore the beauty of life in New Hampshire through the ages with stunning collections of vintage photographs, historic accounts, and unique perspectives.

Let Arcadia Nourish Your Mind

Arcadia Publishing is home to North America’s largest collection of local interest books on a variety of locations and niche topics, each written by a local historian. That said, it’s the place to go for fascinating volumes on New Hampshire you won’t find anywhere else.

Get to know your idyllic towns in stunning detail. Explore your favorite topics and interests as they relate to hundreds of communities and cities across the nation.

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