Local History Books on Nevada
Local History Books on Nevada

If you’re from Nevada, then you probably don’t need to be told what makes the Silver State so amazing. It’s more than just a great place to be if you love nothing more than stunning desert sunsets, five-star dining experiences, or weekends spent gambling at world class casinos. Nevada also has more mountain ranges than any other state. At over 110,000 square miles, it’s also the seventh largest state in the union.

Nevada also has a fascinating backstory that’s just waiting to be discovered. The right regional history and local interest books can introduce you to it properly.

Up Close and Personal with Nevada

Even if you’re a lifelong resident, there’s a lot to be discovered within the pages of a fantastic local interest book on Nevada. Share in the collective knowledge of local historians with a unique perspective on Nevada history.

Feed your interest in American railroad history with a volume on the renowned Nevada Northern Railway. Take a closer look at Nevada’s exciting past through collections of beautiful vintage postcards. Absorb little-known details of the history of Lake Mead, one of the state’s most famous attractions. Explore riveting volumes on Nevada ghost stories, local legends, and lore.

Go Exploring with Arcadia

No publishing house understands local interest literature quite like Arcadia Publishing. Not only is Arcadia home to one of the largest, most ambitious collections of regional history books in North America, but each volume is written by a local historian passionate about preserving the state’s history. The result is an intimate look at American history that you won’t find anywhere else.

Learn more about your favorite topics as they relate to communities all across the nation. Get to know your own hometown better through firsthand accounts and historic looks back. It’s all right here waiting for you at Arcadia.

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