Local History Books on New York
Local History Books on New York

New York is easily one of the most famous states in the entire union and it’s really not hard to see why. It’s a cultural mecca in the eyes of the world, to say the very least, thanks in great part to the iconic New York City. It was also the site of the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, the very first chess tournament, and the founding of multiple iconic educational institutions. It’s the setting of multiple American legends known all over the world, as well, including the story of Rip van Winkle.

Even so, you can’t really say you know what New York is all about until you’ve explored it thoroughly through regional interest literature.

Up Close and Personal with New York

Standard history books on American history are only going to tell you a bit about New York. For extensive knowledge, little-known facts, and valuable local interest accounts, it’s all about regional history.

Explore the origin stories of various New York communities, cities, and neighborhoods, including Greenwich Village, Brooklyn, East Harlem, and more. Get to know New York’s connection to American rail history with volumes on the Buffalo railroads, the Arcade and Attica Railroad, and more. Lose yourself in dedicated volumes on New York’s most notoriously haunted locations.

Feed Your Head with Arcadia

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Explore the history of your hometown, trace the experiences of immigrant cultures through the decades, discover the roots of thousands of different communities, and more. With Arcadia in your corner, there are no limits to what you can learn. Explore the possibilities today!

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