Local History Books on Pennsylvania
Local History Books on Pennsylvania

Did you know that Pennsylvania is the first of all the 50 U.S. states to add their official website URL to their license plates? Further, it was the first state to open an auto service station, establish the first daily newspaper, and the location of the invention of the first computer. In fact, Betsy Ross made the first American flag here, and Philadelphia was the site of the very first presidential mansion.

No matter what your current level of knowledge is when it comes to Pennsylvania, the right regional history and local interest books can help you say you know the Keystone State in great detail.

Pennsylvania: It’s All in the Details

General history books will only tell you so much about a given American location. Local interest books fill in the blanks and can help you grasp the true spirit of Pennsylvania’s cities, towns, and communities.

Trace the origins of Pennsylvania locations large and small, including but not limited to Sullivan County, Roxborough, Pittsburgh, and more. Learn all about the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry from its establishment in the 18th century. Explore the backstories of the Walnut Street Theatre, Carlisle Barracks, Bethel Park, and many other iconic locations.

Embrace History with Arcadia

Arcadia Publishing’s collection of regional history and local interest books is the largest in the entire county. It also includes over 700 volumes on Pennsylvania alone, each penned by a local historian and author.

Explore various facets of life in your own hometown or favorite vacation destinations. Learn how famous American industries and establishments got their start. Marvel at fascinating histories, vintage photos, and unique points of view.. Your journey starts here and now with Arcadia!

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