Local History Books on South Carolina
Local History Books on South Carolina

To those who know it well, South Carolina is so much more than just the 8th state to officially join the union. It’s also the location of Fort Sumter, which was site of the first battle of the Civil War. It’s the country’s leading peach provider, the state that claims the salamander as its state amphibian, and the location of the largest gingko farm in the entire world.

However, there’s only so much you can really say you know about South Carolina if you’ve gained most of your knowledge at trivia night or in American history class. Local interest literature can put you in touch with the true spirit of the Palmetto State.

South Carolina History From a New Perspective

Whether you’re a born and bred South Carolinian or simply want to increase your knowledge of U.S. history, regional interest books are definitely the way to go.

Explore the fascinating legacy of the Black River’s own Mansfield Plantation, the iconic rice plantation of the antebellum era. Discover a new aspect of Charleston’s rich history with a volume on the city’s beautiful Circular Church. Get to know Confederate South Carolina with a unique collection of stories from soldiers and civilians who experienced the Civil War firsthand.

Arcadia Publishing: Your Ticket to a Richer Understanding of American History

Arcadia Publishing’s collection of regional history and local interest books isn’t just one of the largest in North America. It’s one of the most varied and well-respected. Each volume – including nearly 400 just about South Carolina – is penned by a knowledgeable local historian and explores a different aspect of American history and culture.

Learn everything about your hometown’s unique past. Explore your favorite interests as they relate to American communities from coast to coast. History is yours to explore in detail here at Arcadia!

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