Local History Books on South Dakota
Local History Books on South Dakota

As those who call it home can certainly tell you, South Dakota is one of a kind. It’s the home of iconic Mount Rushmore, largely considered the world’s greatest and most noteworthy mountain carving. It’s the home of all three divisions of the Sioux nation – the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota tribes. Its Custer State Park is home to a massive herd of 1500 free-roaming buffalo, as well.

Regional interest and local history books can teach you even more about the Mount Rushmore state.

Discover the Beauty, History, and Culture of South Dakota

Whether you’re a lifelong South Dakota resident or simply a history buff with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, local interest literature is your ticket to a deeper, richer understanding of everything that makes the 40th state all that it is.

Meet the incredible Wallace L. Dow, the architect responsible for much of Sioux Falls’ most distinctive buildings and structures. Step back in time for a detailed look at the first century of aviation history in South Dakota. Enjoy a spine-shivering ghost story about Deadwood, the quintessential Old West town. Explore the histories of South Dakota’s indigenous peoples.

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