Local History Books on Tennessee
Local History Books on Tennessee

If you’re like a lot of people, the mere mention of Tennessee immediately brings certain things to mind – iconic staples like country music, artfully produced whiskey, and ranches full of horses. However, there’s other things about Tennessee you might not know. For example, Tennessee deployed more National Guard soldiers to fight in the Gulf War than any other state. It’s the home of the largest freshwater habitat aquarium. It even survived the largest earthquake in American history. Tennessee spawned great people like the legendary Casey Jones, author Alex Haley, and the talented Elvis Presley.

Even so, you can’t really say you know Tennessee until you’ve read plenty of local history books on the topic.

Exploring the Very Best of Tennessee Culture

Generalized history books are only going to teach you so much about Tennessee; namely, the facts and figures attached to major occurrences. Regional interest books fill in all the blanks, the better to help you grasp the uniqueness and importance of Tennessee’s cultural identity.

Explore the majesty and beauty of Tennessee’s own Great Smoky Mountains National Park with collections of vintage imagery and historic accounts. Take a closer look at the history of the University of Memphis or Chattanooga’s iconic Forest Hills Cemetery. Discover little-known factoids about the state’s connection to country music, read volumes about the African-American experience in Tennessee through the ages, and much more.

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