Local History Books on Texas
Local History Books on Texas

Those who are proud to call Texas home can attest to the fact that “everything’s bigger” there, while others claim it’s also better. The Lone Star state has certainly seen its share of history being made.

Texas is home to a ranch so large that it’s bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island – the famous King Ranch. Texas produces more wool than any other U.S. state and has the largest herd of whitetail deer in the nation. It was even an independent nation from 1836 to 1845.

However, you can come to know Texas more intimately through exploring its history and culture via local interest literature.

Learn All About What Makes Texas Great

Whether you’re a born and bred Texan looking to learn more about where you come from or simply someone who wants to discover what more general history books fail to mention, regional interest books are your ticket to an entirely new level of knowledge.

Learn all about the African-American experience in Texas throughout every era of American history. Trace the origins of multiple Texas towns and cities, including Carthage, Amarillo, Austin, and more. Step back in time with gorgeous collections of rare vintage photography and fascinating firsthand accounts. Explore time-honored Texas traditions like cattle ranching or football.

Unlock a Treasure Trove of Knowledge with Arcadia

Arcadia Publishing’s collection of regional interest and local history books is not only one of the largest in the nation, but one of the most comprehensive as well. Learn more about your own hometown and favorite local heroes. Discover how Americans through the ages approached your favorite pastimes and passions.

A wealth of new knowledge to be absorbed is right here waiting for you at Arcadia. Explore the possibilities today!

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