Local History Books on Utah
Local History Books on Utah

If you’re from Utah, then you most likely already know a thing or two about the Beehive State. For instance, you know it’s called the Beehive State because beehives symbolize industry and the smart use of resources – both hallmarks of the Utah approach to life. You might know that the state animal is the rock mountain elk, the state fish is the rainbow trout, and many other things as well.

However, there’s more to Utah than standard history books or trivia collections are likely to teach you. Local interest and regional history books can introduce you to everything you’ve been missing.

Getting to Know Utah on a Deeper Level

Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Utahan looking to learn more about the home state you love or simply someone interested in exploring American history and culture from a new angle, local interest books are for you.

Track the evolution of Salt Lake City’s historically distinctive approach to architecture. Discover the fascinating backstories of some of Utah’s most beloved local heroes throughout every age of American history. Explore Utah’s historic connection to the rail industry with exciting volumes on Ogden’s trolley district, the Bingham Canyon railroads, and more. Discover the legacy of Utah’s most noteworthy Mormon landmarks through beautiful photography, firsthand accounts, and more.

Explore American History in Detail with Arcadia

Arcadia Publishing is home to one of North America’s largest and most distinguished collections of regional history books. Each volume is painstakingly researched and written by a local historian, so you can expect a reading experience that is as personal as it is educational.

Learn all there is to know about your own hometown or current location. Find out how Americans throughout the ages approached your favorite hobbies in cities and towns from coast to coast. It’s American history at its most poignant and personal!

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