Local History Books on Virginia
Local History Books on Virginia

When it comes to U.S. states with a history, it doesn’t get much more noteworthy than Virginia. Not only was Virginia named for the “Virgin Queen” Elizabeth I herself, but Jamestown was the very first of the original 13 colonies. For that reason, Virginia is considered the birthplace of our nation. Six U.S. presidents were born here, and seven former presidents are buried within state limits.

Even so, there’s only so much generalized history books can teach you about Virginia. The right regional interest and local history books can help fill you in on the rest.

Getting to the Bottom of What Makes Virginia Extraordinary

Whether you’re a native Virginian with a passion for your home state or an armchair historian that loves exploring American culture from exciting new perspectives, you’ll love what local interest literature brings to the table.

Explore a slice of African-American history in Virginia with a look at African-American education in Westmore. Trace the origins and backgrounds of individual Virginia cities and communities, including Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Abingdon. Find out how Washington Dulles International Airport came to be, and discover its various connections to Virginia life. Enjoy beautiful collections of Virginia Beach postcards, learn all there is to know about the Suffolk Peanut Festival, and much more.

Arcadia Publishing: Your Ticket to a New Take on American History

When it comes to regional interest literature that really opens the door to new knowledge, Arcadia Publishing’s expansive catalog is certainly commendable. Each fascinating volume shines a spotlight on a different slice of American history or culture in a way any enthusiast can appreciate.

Discover fascinating new information about your hometown or favorite local heroes. Explore how Americans in every city across the nation share your interests, favorite pastimes, or unique viewpoints. With Arcadia in your corner, the only limits to what you can learn are those dictated solely by your imagination.

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