Local History Books on Washington
Local History Books on Washington
Washington is both a wonderful place to live and a beautiful place to visit. In fact, it’s the only one of all the U.S. states that is named after one of our presidents. It’s the home of the world’s largest building (the colossal Boeing assembly plant), Microsoft Corporation’s official headquarters, and the oldest operating gas station in the country as well.

However, facts and figures covered by standard history books or trivia tidbits you’re likely to hear watching Jeopardy are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Washington is really all about. Let the right regional history books open the door to all the rest.

Get Up Close and Personal with the Evergreen State

Whether you’ve lived in Washington all your life and want to know more about your home state or are simply an avid reader with a serious thirst for knowledge, local interest books have so much to offer you.

Explore stories, facts, and culture related to some of Washington’s most beloved locations and communities, including but not limited to Tacoma’s Salmon Beach, the Long Beach Peninsula, and Seattle’s South Park. Learn how Redmond was founded, what makes Orcas Island special, and how patrol and rescue boats help keep Puget Sound safe. Explore Seattle life through the eyes of its Irish-American, African-American, or Native-American populations.

Exploring a New Historical Perspective

Arcadia Publishing’s catalog of regional history and culture books is among the largest in all of North America. That said, it’s the go-to place to learn about Washington on a more personal level.
Discover the origin stories of your favorite venues, towns, schools, or cultural touchstones. Uncover fascinating firsthand accounts, collections of rare vintage photographs, quirky local legends, and more. It’s all right here waiting for you at Arcadia!
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