Local History Books on West Virginia
Local History Books on West Virginia

Each of the U.S. states comes attached to its own set of facts, firsts, and achievements that set it apart from the rest of the pack, and West Virginia is no different. For instance, did you know that it’s where Mother’s Day was first celebrated, or that with a median age of 40 it boasts the oldest population of any of the states? West Virginia was the first state to introduce sales tax, open a federal prison exclusively for women, and grow the Golden Delicious apple.

Reading plenty of local interest and regional history literature will help you get to know the Mountain State even better.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About West Virginia

A good regional history book is more than just educational. It’s a personal, highly detailed look at a different slice of America’s culture and past. You never would have guessed there was so much you didn’t know about West Virginia.

Step back in time for a unique look at the past with vintage postcard collections focused on iconic locations like Charleston and Wheeling. Explore Bramwell’s fascinating reputation as a “town of millionaires,” a title earned thanks to the coal boom of the 19th century. Discover incredibly informative volumes on the African-American population of Preston County, the origins of Potomac State College, Fairmont’s most famous cemeteries, and more.

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Learn all there is to know about your hometown, favorite pastimes, or favorite regional interests. Step into the shoes of immigrants, professionals, local heroes, and more, to better experience history from a new perspective. Expand your mind today with Arcadia!

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