Local History Books on Wyoming
Local History Books on Wyoming

If you’re from Wyoming, then it’s probably safe to assume that you know a thing or two beyond the norm about the Equality State. For instance, you no doubt know that Wyoming’s Devils Tower became the first national monument to be designated as such in 1906. You may also know that the first JC Penny stores were opened in Wyoming, or that Wyoming has the lowest population of all the fifty states.

However, unless you’ve also made it a point to explore Wyoming’s history and culture through quality local interest literature, you can bet there’s still plenty more to learn. Now is the time to explore the possibilities.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wyoming and More

Local interest and regional history books are your ticket to detailed, varied, and expansive knowledge when it comes to thousands of U.S. towns, communities, monuments, and more. These include many in Wyoming.

Trace Campbell County’s long and fascinating connection to the coal industry with a volume that chronicles it from the very beginning. Explore the rich history of such iconic Wyoming locations as Grand Teton National Park, the geyser basins of Yellowstone, and the University of Wyoming. Take a trip back in time to experience Cheyenne as it was during the frontier days.

Gain New Perspective with Books from Arcadia

Arcadia Publishing’s massive local interest and regional history catalog is your ticket to everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite places. Start with your own hometown or favorite vacation destinations. Then expand your studies to include other areas that strike your fancy.

Explore the influences of immigrants and their culture on America’s most famous communities. Find out how other people throughout history approached your favorite sports, interests, and pastimes. It’s armchair travel as you’ve never experienced it before, and it all starts now!

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