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Stuttgart was founded in 1880 by a colony of German Lutherans who moved from Ohio to Arkansas’s Grand Prairie. The city grew steadily after the Cotton Belt Railroad arrived in 1883. A group of realtors promoted Stuttgart to residents of Midwestern states, attracting a large po...
Hamilton's Industrial Heritage
Hamilton has been an important activity center in Butler County since its founding in 1791, as its proximity to the Great Miami River made it an ideal county seat and agricultural hub. Beginning in 1845, the Hamilton Hydraulic Company diverted the river’s flow through town and...
Fort Mill
South Carolina
More than 250 years ago, near the border where the Carolina colony was divided into north and south, Catawba Indians welcomed the first white settlers to the riverbank at the Nation Ford, and the seeds of a town were sown. Since that time, the area that would become Fort Mill ...
Rural Life in Murray County
Located in south central Oklahoma, Murray County consists of 420 square miles of rolling hills, some of the world’s most unusual rock outcroppings and formations, and mountainous areas that have for centuries led to severe weather conditions such as high winds, lightning, and ...
West Point and Clay County
Clay County extends from the banks of the Tombigbee River in the east across Mississippi’s fertile Black Prairie, the Kilgore Hills, and ends in the Flatwoods to the west. West Point, the county seat, lies in the eastern part of the county in the midst of the Black Prairie and...
Memphis Zoo
What started over a century ago with an orphaned bear tied to a tree in Overton Park has grown into one of the nation’s top zoos. The Memphis Zoo, which attracts more than one million visitors each year, is nationally recognized not only as a tourist attraction but also for it...
Lost Little Rock
Little Rock is a sprawling city of about 200,000 at the center of a metropolitan area of more than 500,000 people, with many residing in bedroom communities in adjoining counties. Arkansas’s capital city is much like the rest of Middle America with its outlying suburbs, gated ...
Delta Music and Film: Jefferson County and the Lowlands
The Delta Lowlands, a place of stunning innovation and creativity in music and film, has laid an incredible foundation for American entertainment. Talented singers, producers, and musicians from a narrow stretch of Arkansas Delta land—traversing U.S. Highway 65 south near Engl...
African Americans in Covington
Covington is the seat of St. Tammany Parish government and sits north of Lake Pontchartrain in the New Orleans metropolitan area. Records from 1727 show 11 Africans on the north shore. One person of African descent was present at the founding of Covington on July 4, 1813. Most...
Palm Beach County During World War II
During World War II, Palm Beach County was a beehive of activity. Beachgoers witnessed the destruction left in the wake of U-boat attacks and then helped rescue survivors and retrieve the dead. One of the first Civil Air Patrol units to hunt German U-boats operated from Palm B...
Louisville's Fern Creek
Located in southeastern Jefferson County, Louisville’s Fern Creek community was settled in the 1780s with land grants given by Virginia for military service. The construction of the Louisville-Bardstown Turnpike encouraged Fern Creek’s growth as farmers settled the land along ...
Founded by Quakers from North Carolina more than 200 years ago, Richmond boasts a rich and colorful history. White and black migrants from older parts of the United States joined emigrants from Ireland and Germany to create a diverse, flourishing, and at times contentious comm...
The noteworthy architecture throughout Clarkston remains a tribute to a time when brothers Jeremiah and Nelson Clark were among the early settlers. In 1838, the enterprising Clarks bought Butler Holcomb’s sawmill, quickly building a larger dam and adding a gristmill. In 1842, ...
Belvidere and Boone County
Although Boone County is one of the smallest counties in Illinois, it is rich in larger-than-life stories that grew from its prairies, forests, and streams. Its history includes a king of the hobos, a huge wheel of cheese, and a business leader who manufactured some of the bes...
A passion for education, opposition to slavery, and yearning for a moral life led Josiah B. Grinnell and his band of like-minded New Englanders to establish a town and a college on the Iowa prairie in 1854. Over the years, a remarkable number of dreamers and doers from all wal...
Books 1 - 15 of 7741 total