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Bleckley County
In 1868, Dykesboro was incorporated as Cochran. The Macon and Brunswick Railroad enabled the community to ship cotton and corn and receive needed goods. As the town began to grow, education was always promoted by the churches. Ebenezer Academy, founded in 1884, became Middle G...
Old Louisville
On August 1, 1883, the eyes of the nation turned to Kentucky as thousands crowded the lanes of Louisville’s Southern Extension. Tugging a silken cord, Pres. Chester Arthur set the machinery in motion for an event that changed the town forever. Touted at home and abroad as the ...
African Americans of Lower Richland County
South Carolina
Lower Richland County encompasses approximately 360 square miles in the heart of South Carolina’s geographic center. The Wateree River cradles it to the east, and the Congaree River borders the south and southwest. Virginia settlers discovered this rich land over 250 years ago...
Around South Hill
South Hill was formerly located on the old Buckhorn Road near the Meherrin River. It was the site of the first chartered school in Mecklenburg County in 1814. When the founder/teacher/minister/postmaster died in 1857, many from the community relocated 3 miles east to the Boydt...
Port Costa
Port Costa may be a quiet place now, but it wasn’t always thus. The town was born in 1879, when the Central Pacific Railroad built its southern ferry-transfer slip at the mouth of the Bull Valley. For 50 years, trains, passengers, and cargo were transported across the Carquine...
San Francisco Portola
The Portola has a long and unique history dating back to the late 1800s. Too often misidentified with neighboring districts, it has its own story to reveal. Originally settled by Jewish immigrants, the area evolved into a community populated by nurserymen and their families wh...
Today’s Jackson is an active and vibrant Sierra foothills town that has grown from its early roots as a small gold-mining settlement into a thriving economic and recreational destination and the county seat for Amador County. Nestled in a valley at the foot of Butte Mountain, ...
Black Artists in Oakland
Oakland’s famous and vibrant arts heritage is known throughout the country, but many people are unaware of the extent of this city’s contribution to the national stage in terms of music, dance, visual arts, and literature. Black Artists in Oakland celebrates this amazing story...
The official slogan of this quaint and curious town proclaims, “It’s great to be alive in Colma!” In no other city in the United States would such a slogan have the meaning that it does here. Colma, only 2.25 square miles, has 1,500 living residents but more than a thousand ti...
San Francisco Art Deco
The famed period of architecture, design, and style known as Art Deco began in the mid1920s and lasted for a good 20 years. The movement left an indelible stamp all around the Bay Area but nowhere more so than in styleconscious San Francisco. The city’s 1925 Diamond Jubilee, c...
Port of Sacramento
Located about 100 miles inland from the coast, Sacramento isn’t always considered a port town. Yet beginning in the mid-1850s, barges, riverboats, and steamers began plying the river between here and San Francisco, carrying passengers, supplies, livestock, and produce between ...
San Francisco's Bernal Heights
San Francisco’s Bernal Heights is a hilltop village tucked away in the southern part of the city. Freeways and urban thoroughfares now bound the neighborhood, once defined by the swamps and creeks of the original Mexican land grant. The legacy of Potrero Viejo, or “old pasture...
Rodeo, located on the east shore of San Pablo Bay, was envisioned as the meatpacking center of the West when it was established by the Union Stockyard Company in 1890. That vision failed, but the town continued attracting residents for jobs at the nearby Hercules powder works,...
Powerhouses of the Sierra Nevada
The historic powerhouses of the Sierras have been powering much of California’s growth for the past hundred years or so. Located in canyons where water can be dropped thousands of feet from ridges above, they were California’s first source of electrical power. The oldest power...
McClellan Air Force Base
McClellan Air Force Base has been a part of California’s military and aviation history since the mid-1930s. Originally named Pacific Air Depot in 1935, the base’s name was changed to the Sacramento Air Depot in 1938, and it became a repair facility for such fighter planes as t...
Books 1 - 15 of 7654 total