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Erie Street Cemetery
Erie Street Cemetery is Cleveland’s oldest existing cemetery. Today downtown Cleveland towers over this peaceful plot of land, which has remained essentially unchanged since it was opened as a burial ground in 1826 at the far edge of the town, whose population was only about 8...
Haunted Plantations: Ghosts of Slavery and Legends of the Cotton Kingdoms
South Carolina
A shackled West African tribe drags themselves off a slave ship while singing, drowning in a Georgia creek to avoid being sold. Mysterious letters from a long-ruined church near Mepkin Abbey solicit a man to join faith. A French teacher disappears from a school after marking f...
Fairmont's Cemeteries
West Virginia
Founded in 1820 by Boaz Fleming, Fairmont, West Virginia, is located midway between Morgantown and Clarksburg. It is the seat of Marion County, which was formed in 1842 from Harrison and Monongalia Counties. During its heyday in the early 20th century, Fairmont was home to 100...
Greene County and Mesopotamia Cemetery
The lovingly restored homes of many Eutaw citizens now laid to rest at Mesopotamia Cemetery depict the grace of the antebellum South. First known as Oak Hill Cemetery, Mesopotamia Cemetery was established around 1822 on present-day Mesopotamia Street. Eutaw, the seat of Greene...
Tulsa's Haunted Memories
Welcome to a window into the past. Tulsa’s Haunted Memories explores the forgotten history and lost folklore of “America’s Most Beautiful City.” Tulsa’s haunting history will captivate the reader with the secrets it holds from its intriguing past. Mystery and mystique follow T...
Oak Ridge Cemetery
Springfield's historic Oak Ridge Cemetery is accounted second only to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., as the most visited cemetery in the United States. The burial place of Abraham Lincoln, Oak Ridge's dramatically landscaped grounds are an important contribut...
Chattanooga's Forest Hills Cemetery
Within 20 years of the end of the Civil War, Chattanooga was becoming the “Dynamo of Dixie.” Entrepreneurs and capital from the North were welcomed to the city. New railroads made the area a transportation hub. Fortunes were made in finance, industry, and tourism. Located at t...
Michigan Memorial Park
In 1926, a former two-time University of Michigan All-American football hero decided that a pastoral area of Huron Township could be transformed into a cemetery. Two years later, Michigan Memorial Park opened its gates to begin serving the needs of this growing community tucke...
Green-Wood Cemetery
New York
For generations, Green-Wood Cemetery has played an integral part in New York City’s cultural history, serving as a gathering place and a cultural repository. Situated in the historic borough of Brooklyn, the thousands of graves and mausoleums within the cemetery’s 478 acres ar...
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Haunted Stark County: A Ghoulish History
Ghostly diners, violent crimes of passion, phantoms peering from theatre balconies, canal workers who still walk the towpaths—the haunted history of Stark County includescharacters and legends as bizarre as they are terrifying. Take a bone-chilling journey with Sherri Brake, o...
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Ghosts of Goldfield and Tonopah
Echoes of prospectors, forlorn widows and politicians linger in the streets and historic remnants of Nevada’s former boomtowns. In the throes of early financial disaster, the Silver State had little to entice newcomers or discourage residents from leaving. Jim Butler’s silver ...
Tall Tales and Half Truths of Billy the Kid
New Mexico
While many respectable books on Billy the Kid aim to demystify his illusory life, this one-of-a-kind collection proudly has no such intention. Find all of the untold and potentially true—but very unlikely and highly embellished—stories of the Kid’s life, death and enthralling ...
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Haunted Cheyenne
In 1867, at the spot where the Union Pacific Railroad crossed Crow Creek, the city of Cheyenne was born. Since then, the Magic City of the Plains has had a long history of hauntings. Drop into the Shadows Pub and Grill, and you may find yourself sharing a drink with a spectral...
Haunted Warren Air Force Base
As the oldest continuously active U.S. Air Force military installation, it's no wonder Francis E. Warren Air Force Base is one of the most haunted military bases in the nation. Rumor has it that residents keep a log of unnatural incidents, like early morning phantom maneuvers ...
A History of Andersonville Prison Monuments
In April 1865, the nation learned of the atrocities and horrors of the Southern prison camp at Andersonville, Georgia. An army expedition and Clara Barton identified the graves of the thirteen thousand who perished there and established the Andersonville National Cemetery. In ...
Books 1 - 15 of 426 total