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Clemson University
South Carolina
The roots of agriculture run deeply in South Carolina's history; even its earliest settlers valued the rich and fertile land. However, after the Civil War devastated Southern land and economy, many questioned if the agrarian way of life could survive. Thomas Green Clemson, son...
The Danny Ford Years at Clemson: Romping and Stomping
South Carolina
The last time Danny Ford spit tobacco juice on a Clemson sideline was Dec. 30, 1989. Yet Ford has become more beloved as time has distanced the Tigers from the glory he orchestrated in eleven years as the team's football coach. It began in December of 1978 when a young, obscur...
Clemson Tough: Guts and Glory Under Dabo Swinney
South Carolina
The 2015–16 season marked a significant moment in Clemson football history. Not only did the team play in its first national championship in thirty-four years, but the nation also finally took note of the burgeoning renaissance. When Dabo Swinney told a national television aud...
Classic Clashes of the Carolina-Clemson Football Rivalry: A State of Disunion
South Carolina
Former Clemson coach Charley Pell once said that the outcome of the Carolina-Clemson rivalry "decides who walks down the street as state champion and who hides in a closet for a year." That's the way it goes in the Palmetto State when these two football teams get together. Pla...
Rural Life in the Piedmont of South Carolina
South Carolina
Agriculture, the backbone of South Carolina’s economy since the time of the first settlers in the late 1600s, has truly shaped the identity of the Piedmont region, serving as a common touchstone for the people of the Upstate. As the Palmetto State moves away from small, indepe...
Rural Life in the Lowcountry of South Carolina
South Carolina
South Carolina's Lowcountry is awash in history, mystery, and breathtaking beauty and is comprised of roughly 27 counties south and east of the Fall Line, a low, east-facing cliff paralleling the Atlantic coast. Over the past 300 years, farmers and their families, planters, a...