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Cleveland in World War II
Berthed on the Cleveland lakefront, the battle-hardened submarine USS Cod serves as a proud reminder of the wartime contributions from the Greater Cleveland community. Clevelanders did their duty and more, from round-the-clock work on the factory assembly lines to the four Med...
Cleveland in World War I
Cleveland’s contribution to the war front began on May 25, 1917, with the Lakeside Hospital Unit becoming the first American detachment to land in Europe. On the home front, the war accelerated the growth of Cleveland, which became the fifth-largest city in the nation by the e...
Baltimore in World War II
The World War II years were a time of growth and productivity for the Baltimore area, and the city contributed significantly to the Allied war effort. Baltimore launched the first of the famed Liberty ships, the SS Patrick Henry, which was constructed at the Bethlehem-Fairfiel...
World War II in Atlanta
Few historical events shaped the city of Atlanta more than World War II. A hub for the Civil Rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s, Atlanta is now home to over four million people and serves as national headquarters for a dozen Fortune 500 companies. It would never have devel...
World War II Chicago
Chicagoans united in their World War II effort against the Axis powers. They signed up for military service, rallied to the call for increased wartime production, and aided the war effort through the rationing of food and gasoline. From fast growing victory gardens to mini-mo...
Louisville in World War II
With the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Louisville mobilized to fight Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Citizens of all races and economic classes united in the effort, both abroad and at home. Louisville’s many industries banded together as well: the Mengel Company ...
Knoxville in World War II
No event so changed and reshaped East Tennessee and the city of Knoxville as did World War II. From the hills and hollows of the Smoky Mountains to the banks of the Tennessee River, men and women from all walks of life volunteered or were called into service to assist with the...
Delaware in World War II
As World War II raged across the world, the lives of every Delawarean changed. Whether wearing a uniform, working in the shipyards and factories that supported the war effort, or volunteering for service organizations, the citizens of Delaware met the challenge of wartime livi...
Nacogdoches in World War II
Nacogdoches, the oldest town in Texas, has a long and colorful history starting in 1716, when the first mission, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de los Nacogdoches, was founded. The people of this rich area have since come together countless times to survive challenges. During Wor...
Evansville in World War II
During World War II, the city of Evansville manufactured vast amounts of armaments that were vital to the Allied victory. The Evansville Ordnance Plant made 96 percent of all .45-caliber ammunition used in the war, while the Republic Aviation Plant produced more than 6,500 P-4...
Detroit in World War II
When President Roosevelt called for the country to be the great “Arsenal of Democracy,” Detroit helped turn the tide against fascism with its industrial might. Locals were committed to the cause, putting careers and personal ambitions on hold. Factories were retooled from the ...
World War II Milwaukee
Long before Japanese bombs rained down on Pearl Harbor, Milwaukee was the “Machine Shop to the World.” Thanks to the city’s large industrial base, factories quickly retooled and mobilized for wartime production. Harley-Davidson produced thousands of military motorbikes, and Fa...
Connecticut in World War II
With the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan on December 7, 1941, and the United States’ entry into World War II, our nation turned to Connecticut—as it did during World War I—for munitions, clothing, and other goods. And Connecticut answered the call: Manchester Mil...
World War II Buffalo
New York
When President Roosevelt visited Buffalo in November 1940, he found a hardworking city with a large immigrant population manufacturing aircraft for the Allies. Nearby Fort Niagara inducted over 100,000 young men, resulting in an acute labor shortage. American Brass, Bell Aircr...
Publishing 11/27/2017
Books 1 - 15 of 509 total