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Minnesota-Wisconsin College Football Rivalry
There are many great rivalries in Division I college football, but only one can say it has been played the longest: Minnesota and Wisconsin. Since 1890, the Golden Gophers and Badgers have faced each other in the annual game known as the Border Battle. Early teams competed for...
Dartmouth College Football: Green Fields of Autumn
New Hampshire
Notre Dame and Nebraska may have their claims, but Dartmouth's football tradition is special, perhaps unrivaled. Football, above all, is an emotional game, and nowhere is that spirit more vibrant, more enduring, more a part of the collegiate experience than in Hanover, New Ham...
A History of College Football in Georgia: Glory on the Gridiron
When teams meet on football fields across Georgia, it's more than a game--it's a battle for bragging rights and dominance in a state that prizes football above all other sports. Join seasoned Georgia sports journalist Jon Nelson as he tracks the history of college football sta...
Princeton Football
New Jersey
Princeton Football boasts a rich history.
Princeton Football
New Jersey
Princeton played the first intercollegiate football game in 1869 and, since then, has gone on to win 28 national championships and nine Ivy League titles. Over the last 140 years, Princeton’s Tigers have produced a Heisman Trophy winner, scores of All-Americans, and some of th...
Harvard Football
The storied history of Harvard University football can be traced back to the very roots of the collegiate game in America. Harvard’s athletic contest with McGill University in 1874 marked the inception of the modern game for the Crimson. The club from Cambridge then went on to...
Auburn Football
Football is one of Auburn's oldest and most beloved institutions. Formally established as a varsity sport by Dr. George Petrie in 1891, Auburn's football team has proudly represented the school for over a century. The team shares some of the South's oldest college football r...
Yale Football
Ever since the first Yale team took the field in 1872, the Bulldogs’ place in the history of college football has been well established. With 26 national championships, 13 Ivy League championships, 100 consensus all-Americans, dozens of College Football Hall of Famers, two Hei...
Fort Thomas Highlands Football
Few high school football programs can match the success of Highlands. Having captured 17 state championships since 1960, the school ranks fifth in total wins among all high schools in the United States. The program has produced many outstanding college and professional players...
Nebraska Cornhusker Football
When Matt Davison made a diving catch on the famous "flea-flicker" play against Missouri in 1997, securing Nebraska’s perfect season, the Husker faithful were in football nirvana. And that memorable play was preceded by over a century of Nebraska Football greatness. The team w...
Michigan State Football: They are Spartans
Michigan State University's football history is overflowing with famous, interesting, and colorful figures. From Gideon "Charlie" Smith, who in 1913 became one of the nation's first black collegiate players, to George Webster, the "Greatest Spartan of All Time," to Morton Ande...
University of Wisconsin Football
From their humble beginnings as an intramural club in 1889 to Rose Bowl champions in 1994, 1999, and 2000, the Wisconsin Badgers have risen among the ranks of college football to become one of the elite teams in the nation. The University of Wisconsin football program can clai...
University of North Carolina Football
North Carolina
In October 1888, the University of North Carolina participated in one of the first known college football games south of the Mason-Dixon Line. From that humble beginning, UNC football has developed into a nationally recognized program with a huge fan base. University of North ...
Syracuse University Football
New York
It began with a 36-0 loss to the University of Rochester on November 23, 1889, but that humbling debut proved to be an aberration rather than an omen for Syracuse University football. The Orangemen have since established themselves as the eleventh winningest team in college fo...
Books 1 - 15 of 182 total