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Early Warner Bros. Studios
Since 1928, Warner Bros. has produced thousands of beloved films and television shows at the studio’s magical 110-acre film factory in Burbank. This collection of evocative images concentrates on the Warner Bros. legacy from the 1920s to the 1950s, when timeless classics such ...
Early Poverty Row Studios
The history of Hollywood is often seen only through the lens of the major studios, forgetting that many of Tinseltown’s early creations came from micro-studios stretched along Sunset Boulevard in an area disparagingly known as Poverty Row. Here, the first wave of West Coast mo...
Early Paramount Studios
For over 100 years, Paramount Pictures has been captivating movie and television audiences worldwide with its alluring imagery and compelling stories. Arising from the collective genius of Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky, and Cecil B. DeMille during the 1910s, Paramount Pictures ...
Early Snohomish
This riverside city was established when a rumor surfaced that a military road would be crossing over the Snohomish River. The road never materialized. By 1866, the “mother city” of the new county was little more than a clearing in the woods, offering a store and a saloon, and...
Bradford and Warner
New Hampshire
In the mid-1700s, Bradford and Warner were tiny settlements of log dwellings that emerged from the wilderness in tandem. A gunshot fired in Bradford would resound in the Mink Hills and call neighbors to help in times of need. This blend of independence and reliance built these...
Hollywood Studios
Just after the turn of the 20th century, the motion picture industry moved to the West Coast, and the largest land of make-believe was created in Hollywood, California. From the silent-era beginnings of primitive, open-air stages to the fabled back lots of the studios’ heyday,...
Early County
The territory out of which Early County was formed was obtained by Gen. Andrew Jackson from the Native Americans in 1817 at the conclusion of his march through their territory in southwest Georgia. In 1818, the legislature of Georgia divided the land into three counties, Early...
Pop Warner: Little Scholars
Pop Warner Little Scholars, commonly known as Pop Warner, began in the suburbs of Philadelphia as a four-team league called the Junior Football Conference. Sports enthusiast Joseph Tomlin established the league in 1929. The organization was renamed in 1934 in honor of legendar...
Warner Hot Springs
Also known as Kupa, Jojopin, and Aqua Caliente, Warner Hot Springs has been a “little piece of heaven” no matter what it has been called. Located in northeast San Diego County in the historic 47,000-acre Valle de San Jose, Warner Hot Springs is surrounded by the vast lands of ...
Cohen Brothers: The Big Store
Once known as the "Wanamaker of the South," Cohen Brothers department store captured the hearts of thousands of Jacksonville residents. Metro Jacksonville writers Ennis Davis and Sarah Gojekian take a wonderful trip through the store, from its beginnings as a dry goods enterpr...
Old Tucson Studios
In 1939, Columbia Pictures based a film on Clarence Kelland’s book Arizona, set during the Civil War in Arizona Territory. To accurately portray the novel’s landscape, Columbia selected a spot about 10 miles from what is now downtown Tucson in the middle of a large Pima County...
Movie Studios of Culver City
After watching pioneer filmmaker Thomas Ince film one of his famous Westerns on Ballona Creek, city founder Harry Culver saw the economic base for his city. Culver announced plans for the city in 1913 and attracted three major movie studios to Culver City, along with smaller p...
Hall Brothers Shipbuilders
Hall Brothers designed and built some of the finest sailing ships ever constructed on the Pacific coast. Isaac, Winslow, and Henry Knox Hall acquired their shipbuilding training at the center of America’s boatbuilding industry in Cohasset, Massachusetts, during the 1840s. Foll...
Remembering Maas Brothers
Maas Brothers opened in 1886, and for more than 100 years it was the commercial and social hub for generations of Tampa Bay shoppers. From its historic downtown Tampa store, to its sleek St. Petersburg location, to branches throughout central and west Florida (in cities like L...
Paramount Studios: 1940-2000
The fascinating tale of Hollywood powerhouse Paramount Pictures—beginning with its birth in the 1910s through the turbulent decade of the 1930s—was told in Early Paramount Studios by Marc Wanamaker, Michael Christaldi, and E.J. Stephens. Now the same authors are back to tell t...
Books 1 - 15 of 148 total