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The Great Louisville Tornado of 1890
On March 27, 1890, a devastating storm moved over the Ohio River Valley, spawning dozens of deadly tornados. The most powerful of these twisters touched down in Louisville, carving a path of unprecedented destruction from Main Street to the end of town. In the aftermath, nearl...
Louisville Murder & Mayhem: Historic Crimes of Derby City
Life in Louisville in the years following the Civil War, and through the turn of the century, was as exciting as it was dangerous. The city continued to grow as important urban hub of culture and commerce, connecting the South with the Midwest and Northern states. As Keven McQ...
Murder & Mayhem in Indiana
With an eye for bizarre, macabre detail, Keven McQueen tracks down seventeen true crimes and unsolved mysteries in this rap sheet of historic Hoosier homicides from Indiana's hardscrabble past. This grim collection of tales includes unimaginable incidents like the Indianapolis...
Kentucky Book of the Dead
Author Keven McQueen dissects some of Kentucky's more bizarre aspects of death, pulled directly from the history pages. Discover the reaper's creative side, meet the disgusting ghosts of Louisville and find out more than you wanted to know about old-fashioned embalming techniq...
Forgotten Tales of Kentucky
Author Keven McQueen (Kentucky Book of the Dead, Offbeat Kentuckians) once again bucks tradition and offers an entertaining, if not peculiar, hodgepodge of unfamiliar Bluegrass history. Read about the day it rained amphibians in Louisville, hunts for buried treasure, unidentif...
Forgotten Tales of Indiana
Author Keven McQueen recalls a time when skunk farms, which allegedly produced a cure for rheumatism, were speckled throughout the countryside and a miserable woman tied her husband to a fence post, coated him with salt and intended to let the cows "lick him to death." Meet th...
Strange Tales of Crime and Murder in Southern Indiana
Prepare to take a tour of some dark, strange moments of southern Indiana's history. From the scheming wife who wanted her dull husband out of the way to make room for a young love affair and the husband who stomped his wife to death because she wouldn't stop singing an irritat...
Forgotten Tales of Alabama
From Muscle Shoals to Montgomery to Mobile, there's just no place quite like Alabama. Take a journey off the beaten path through the Cotton State with author Kelly Kazek as she uncovers the stories that make Alabama one of a kind. Kazek, a longtime Alabama resident, unearths t...
Forgotten Tales of Wisconsin
Drift back to an era when the speed limit in Milwaukee was an edgy four miles per hour and Madison lawmakers could poke at hogs to punctuate the tedium of legislative sessions. Martin Hintz makes even the slow times of the Badger State fly by in this collection of Wisconsin's ...
Forgotten Tales of Tennessee
Tennessee has never been a stranger to strangeness. Stories of the weird, wild and wonderful abound in the Volunteer state. Join author and seasoned journalist Kelly Kazek as she tracks down the extraordinary stories that other history books overlook. Each section covers a dif...
Forgotten Tales of South Carolina
South Carolina
From the desk of Sherman Carmichael comes a collection of about a hundred quirky and unpublished tales from the Palmetto State. Tales include everything from folk tales, urban legends, monsters, mermaids, ghost sightings, mysterious lights, UFO sightings, dinosaurs, and haunte...
Forgotten Tales of Pittsburgh
Such was the wisdom of the Pittsburgh Daily Gazette and Advertiser in 1866 when describing a railway boss's threat to decapitate a former employee. Pittsburgh has many such stories of strange but mostly true events. Local author Thomas White delves into these lost tales, from ...
Forgotten Tales of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
That’s the best I’ve ever seen you look,” the barber said to the corpse. What kind of filthy decedent could inspire such derision? Learn the answer and read myriad other little-known tales from Michigan’s northernmost region in Forgotten Tales of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Fi...
Forgotten Tales of Illinois
Dig up the men who tried to dig up Lincoln. Mull over the Mad Gasser of Mattoon and the 1977 thunderbird infestation, from a safe distance. Watch in horror as one of the greatest maritime disasters in U.S. history occurs twenty feet from the banks of the Chicago River or follo...
Forgotten Tales of Florida
With such a rich and significant history, it’s only natural that some of the best stories from the Sunshine State have been forgotten over time. Thankfully, master storyteller and St. Augustine resident Bob Patterson offers this collection of thestrangest, most fascinating sto...