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Traveling Through Illinois: Stories of I-55 Landmarks and Landscapes between Chicago and St. Louis
If you have been driving through Illinois on I-55 and exclaimed, "There's nothing out there but corn " you aren't alone, but you couldn't be more wrong. Learn why Steven Spielberg visited Waggoner, Illinois, and what fruit Abraham Lincoln used to christen the town named after ...
Travelers Rest
South Carolina
The little town in upstate South Carolina, embraced by nearby Paris Mountain and the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is intriguing by its name alone, “Travelers Rest.” It sits at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, yet it is only a half-day’s journey from the Atlanti...
Traveling the Merritt Parkway
Since 1938, when the Merritt’s first 7-mile section was opened to traffic, millions have shared a fascination for Connecticut’s Merritt Parkway and its bridges. Discover the beginnings of this groundbreaking advance in American travel in Traveling the Merritt Parkway. This exc...
Lake Superior Country: 19th Century Travel and Tourism
What attracted 19th century travelers to the rugged landscape of Michigan's Upper Peninsula? Most travelers had to brave the frigid, gigantic, and the often-perilous Lake Superior to gain entrance to the Upper Peninsula. But although the lake and rugged terrain often made it d...
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Naperville, Illinois
The remarkable city of Naperville, Illinois, began as an agrarian community in the mid-1800s. The rich prairie filled the grain elevators and cattle were shipped to the Chicago "Yards." Through the medium of historic photographs, this book captures the evolution of the people ...
Lansing: Illinois
Lansing, Illinois, is a village that is "proud of its past, confident in its future," according to the signs at its entrance. That proud past began in the 1840s, when Dutch and German settlers first made their way to the area. The town was named for Henry Lansing, who came to ...
Glencoe, Illinois
Glencoe, Illinois, "Queen of Suburbs," has long been heralded as an idyllic place to live. Situated on Lake Michigan in the heart of Chicago's North Shore, Glencoe was first settled in 1835 by Anson Taylor, a young storekeeper. Glencoe began to thrive thanks to one of its fam...
Geneva, Illinois
The essence of Geneva lies in the city's distinctive hometown quality and relaxed atmosphere. Visitors sense a slower pace and tender ambience that flourished even before Geneva was platted on May 3, 1837. Geneva, Illinois presents a remarkable portrait of the community's earl...
Flossmoor, Illinois
The Village of Flossmoor, Illinois, was incorporated in June 1924. The vote was the result of a movement that began in the furnace room of the new Leavitt Avenue school, where the men gathered for a “smoke” during a PTA dinner. At the time of incorporation, the population of F...
The Illinois Statehouse
Illinois was admitted to the union on December 3, 1818. For the first two years of Illinois’s statehood, its capitol was located in Kaskaskia, a small town on the Mississippi River. Vandalia was home to three capitol buildings during its 19-year tenure as the second capital ci...
Dixon, Illinois
This fascinating new addition to the Images of America series offers a glimpse into the unique history of Dixon, Illinois, with the use of over 200 historic photographs. In the spring of 1830, John Dixon settled with his family near the Rock River in Northern Illinois. Dixon, ...
Waukegan, Illinois
Waukegan, Illinois has a long history, with a rich and varied heritage. Countless individuals, businesses, and organizations have contributed to that heritage, and continue today to contribute to the legacy of this community. One of Waukegan's most notable citizens was Jack Be...
Vandalia, Illinois
Situated on the Kaskaskia River is the community of Vandalia, Illinois, a town proud of its place in history and excited about its future. Vandalia has proved that as the place where Abraham Lincoln began his political career, and the location of the terminus of the Cumberlan...
Quincy, Illinois
Quincy, Illinois, is located on the Mississippi River about 20 miles north of Hannibal, Missouri, and 100 miles west of Springfield, the state capital. Both Quincy and the county in which it lies, Adams, were named for President John Quincy Adams. In 1822, a man named John Woo...
Palatine, Illinois
Palatine was incorporated as a village at a meeting of voters held April 2, 1866. The town then experienced a slow, steady growth, and the first development on a large scale started around 1920. In 1925 farms were selling for $400 an acre, a sewer system had just been complete...
Books 1 - 15 of 690 total