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California Vines, Wines and Pioneers
Grab your glass and take to the wine trail with food genealogist Sherry Monahan as she traces the roots of "California's Vines, Wines & Pioneers." While cowboys and early settlers were writing the oft-told history of the Wild West, California's wine pioneers were cultivating a...
Finger Lakes Wine Country
New York
For more than 150 years, Finger Lakes Wine Country has played a major role in American wine history. At its heart are the four deepest Finger Lakes, part of a group of 11 long, narrow lakes in central New York. There, nestled among Canandaigua, Keuka, Seneca, and Cayuga Lakes,...
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Lake Erie Wine Country
In 1818, Deacon Elijah Fay planted the first grape vines of the Lake Erie Wine Country, located in the Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt. Fay’s relatives planted the premier Concord vineyards in Brocton, New York, where the mighty Concord grape thrived. Vineyards were planted along...
Rogue Valley Wine
Winemaking in Oregon began more than 150 years ago when Peter Britt of Jacksonville brought grapevine cuttings from California to create his Valley View Vineyard. By 1890, the Southern Oregon State Board of Agriculture forecast a vineyard-dotted Rogue Valley to rival “the cast...
Pennsylvania Wine: A History
¬From the banks of the Delaware River to the shores of Lake Erie, the fields and hillsides of Pennsylvania are home to a rich tradition of winemaking. Though both William Penn and Benjamin Franklin advocated for the production of wine, it was not until 1787 that Pierre Legaux ...
Napa Valley Wine Country
California's upper Napa Valley is regarded by many as the premier wine-growing region in America. Producing vintages since the 1850s, the mountain-ringed valley studded with ancient oaks is the setting for several wineries that have been active for more than a century, overcom...
Temecula Wine Country
Vineyards flourish in Temecula because of the ideal climate. The name Temecula is taken from Luiseno words that mean "where the sun and earth were created." At an altitude of 1,500 feet, the filtered sunlight and an ocean breeze that drifts through a gap in the mountains coax ...
Temecula Wine Country
Temecula Wine Country boasts a rich history.
The Cleveland Cavaliers: A History of the Wine & Gold
Take a courtside seat with author Vince McKee as he dishes out the complete history of the Cleveland Cavaliers, from the founding of the franchise in 1970 to the triumphant return of LeBron James in 2014. Relive every major moment in team history. Highlights include draft pick...
New Jersey Wine: A Remarkable History
New Jersey
The finely aged story of New Jersey wine is older than the United States itself. As early as 1767, the colony's wines were garnering awards from London's Royal Society of the Arts. The vineyards continued to grow through some of the country's most turbulent times. In 1864, at ...
New Mexico Wine: An Enchanting History
New Mexico
Every vine has a story, and nearly four hundred years ago, New Mexico's wine journey began when the first Mission grapes were planted in 1629. Taste this rich legacy, the oldest in the United States, in Donna Blake Birchell's account of the turmoil and triumph that shaped toda...
Maryland Wine: A Full-Bodied History
The roots of Maryland winemaking are surprisingly deep. The state’s first known vines were planted in 1648, and a later Marylander, John Adlum, established his place as the father of American viticulture. In the twentieth century, post-Prohibition pioneers like Philip Wagner a...
Shenandoah Valley and Amador Wine Country
The grape has been grown and fermented into wine in the foothills of Amador County since the first days of the Gold Rush. While many dreamed of overnight riches in the gold fields, others saw wealth in the region’s red soils and Mediterranean climate, patiently planting garden...
Wines of Vermont: A History of Pioneer Fermentation
Vermont’s extreme climate may not seem ideal for wine production, but industry pioneers are proving otherwise. For nearly half a century, local winemakers developed distinctive fermentation techniques and adopted select crops to withstand icy winters. In 1970, Frank Jedlicka u...
South Dakota Wine: A Fruitful History
South Dakota
A young commercial wine industry notwithstanding, winemaking traditions run deep in the Mount Rushmore State. Sodbusting pioneers like Anna Pesä and Jon Vojta defied South Dakota’s harsh terrain and paved the way for Prairie Berry Winery. University biologists, including Dr. R...
Books 1 - 15 of 32 total