U.S. Lighthouses Books

Lighthouses are more than just pretty to look at. Once America’s waterways and coasts became important parts of busy ongoing trade routes, lighthouses became an absolute necessity. They’ve been helping ships of all sizes and types safely go about their business ever since.

However, American lighthouses are about so much more than simple necessity. Each has its own place in our country’s history and rich cultural tradition. Regional interest literature can help today’s lighthouse enthusiasts get to know these majestic landmarks much better.

Explore the Fascinating Stories of American Lighthouses

Lighthouses are more than just picturesque elements, when it comes to so many American coasts. Each one was designed and built for a specific reason. Each comes attached to its own backstory and a long list of people who were once associated with it.

Learn more about the world famous lighthouses of Maryland and the trade routes they serviced. Discover the special challenges behind the construction of lighthouses along the Florida coast, the second longest coastline in the entire United States. View stunning photography of all of your favorite lighthouses as they appeared throughout history.

Let Arcadia Publishing Expand Your Horizons

Lighthouses are synonymous with concepts like guidance, hope, and safety for a reason – the essential role they’ve played in regards to so many American cities over the years. Arcadia Publishing’s large and comprehensive catalog of regional interest literature on lighthouses can teach you everything you ever wanted to know about these beautiful and mysterious landmarks.

Learn how lighthouses on the West Coast vary from those back East. Find out more about the industries, ships, and people associated with lighthouses all over the nation. Get an inside look into what it must have been like to be a lighthouse keeper in Oregon, Michigan, San Diego, or Richmond. You’ll never see lighthouses the same way again. Explore the possibilities today!

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