African American History

The study of American history is about so much more than simply analyzing a lengthy list of names and dates. It’s also about studying the individuals and communities that helped make our wonderful country what it is today. It’s about learning to honor the unique contributions of various groups of Americans, as well, African-Americans included, and books on African American history can help.

The Importance of Studying Books About African-American History

The study of African-American history is an important part of any effort to embrace American history for so many reasons. To begin with, it’s the best way to truly understand the continuing contributions the black community has made to our nation’s identity and place them within the context of American history as a whole. Also, the study of African-American history is the best way to combat racism and the unequal treatment of our black citizens – with understanding and knowledge. It helps promote cultural appreciation and nourish social awareness as well.

Most importantly, a comprehensive study of African-American history helps underscore the knowledge that our black citizens are so much more than the negative stories and stereotypes and run rampant in news feeds and on television screens across the nation. They are and always have been leaders, teachers, engineers, and pioneers, to name just a few examples.

Get Started with Arcadia Publishing’s Collection of African American History Books

Once you’ve developed a broad understanding of African-American history, consider deepening your knowledge by exploring a multitude of regional and local resources on the topic. Arcadia Publishing features one of the largest, most comprehensive catalogs of regional interest African-American history textbooks and books available in the entire country – an excellent place to start.

Explore the personal stories of African-Americans from every period of American history, from the early days to today. Develop an intimate understanding of important communities, individuals, and movements. Get close to the heartbeat of the African-American community by exploring each aspect of how it’s been shaped throughout history.

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