Amusement Parks

Theme Parks in America

When you think of amusement parks, what are some of the first images that spring to mind? If you’re like many people, you recall magical childhood memories spent with friends and loved ones. You recall the tempting aromas of popcorn and cotton candy. You hear the music of the carousel and the joyful laughter of those around you.

In fact, it’s highly likely that the amusement parks you’ve visited over the course of your life have helped to shape who you are. They’ve shaped America’s identity as a nation, as well, and studying the right collection of historical amusement park books is an excellent way to understand how.

Theme Parks America: Appreciating the Parks That Shaped Our History

Once called “pleasure gardens” or “trolley parks,” theme parks as a collective have been around since the 19th century. However, they haven’t always looked, felt, or functioned exactly like the theme parks we know and love.

When you open your first historical amusement park book, you’ll be opening the door to a rich and colorful new understanding of how early parks eventually evolved into everything what they are today. You’ll learn how they shaped individual people, communities, and events. You’ll discover the fascinating evolution of park staples like the carousel, roller coasters, and more.

Explore the Greatest Theme Parks in America with Arcadia Publishing

Local interest books from Arcadia Publishing’s expansive catalog are among some of the best ways to develop a greater understanding of the America theme parks you know so well and love so much. Examine the background of key parks that were essential to the development of modern amusement in America. Absorb the personal stories of individuals that had an undeniable influence on these parks.

Nothing takes you deep into the rich history of American theme parks like regional interest books will, and the Arcadia collection is one of the most comprehensive out there. Start your journey today!

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