The American Architecture

It’s definitely safe to say that our society wouldn’t be what it is without architecture. However, it’s important to realize that architecture is about so much more than just the building of simple structures for shelter and utility. American architecture is a form of art and, as such, it’s inseparably tied to our social identity as Americans.

Discovering the Depth of American Architecture History

Before there can be a city, there has to be a development plan put together by a person with a clear vision of what that city needs to be and how it should function. Before there can be a building, there needs to be an understanding of how that space can best be constructed to suit its purpose. All of our great American landmarks – from the Washington Monument, to the Golden Gate Bridge, to the White House itself – all started with basic American architectural plans.

When you begin to study the history, nuances, and meaning of North and South American architecture, you’re opening yourself up to a new level of understanding when it comes to the great nation you call home. Architecture is an art like no other, and the unique identity of architecture in America is something no history lover should miss out on exploring.

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