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When you think of what makes a city unique, what do you picture? Of course, you think of the people that live there. However, you also probably visualize the various landmarks that are located there, and with good reason. Landmarks are a large part of what give a place its character.

Would New York be quite the same without the Statue of Liberty? What about San Francisco without the Golden Gate Bridge or Washington D.C. without the White House? Landmarks like these are so famous that they’re easily associated with those cities even by people who don’t live there. Most importantly of all, each comes attached to an intensely rich history all its own.

Dig Deeper into the History of Your Favorite Landmarks

Whether the landmark in question is world famous or known mostly only to those who live in the area, the reasons for the designation are the same. Landmarks stand apart because of their historical, architectural, or cultural significance. Regional interest literature can help you explore the backstories of all your favorites.

Learn everything there is to know about who built Fort Sumter and why. Learn about each of the landmarks that makes Chattanooga famous or New Orleans noteworthy. Explore the history behind each of the landmarks you grew up around or visited with your family as a child.

Let Arcadia Reintroduce You to America

Arcadia Publishing is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive publishers of regional and local interest literature. Start your own fascinating journey into the history and cultural significance of American landmarks with riveting, unique volumes on each.

Find out why the ones you know and love are considered so important. Discover how they went from a simple idea to a historically significant reality. You only think you know the landmarks you’re most familiar with. Let Arcadia introduce you to them on an entirely new level today!

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